Unexpected turns of life


Unexpected turns of life

I'm Brianna Fraser touching the stones,
following my destiny into unknown.
But what if my future was the past?
Nevertheless, no matter what, mindsets don't last.

Will the portal work? I have no clue.
The emotional overpressure makes me feel blue.
Still, though the choice is not entirely mine,
it is not something my decision won't determine.

I'm Felicie Lebras, looking for the rainbow,
with its blurred ends, not knowing where to go.
I know I have something many can only dream of -
enthusiasm, courage, passion - is it enough?

But before the rainbow appears, a hard rain's a-gonna fall
My dream is calling me, do I hear the call?
Why do I dance? That question is hard
But I know the answer, somewhere in my heart.

The equation of life has not been written yet
I have begun, but then it was the life itself that led
me to the intersection of the axes x and y
I have to choose another path, some are asking why...

Perhaps I do revel in challenges and trials,
But I feel ready to do whatever
it takes to run or to walk another miles
along the pathway to my dream... However...

I am a bit afraid of the fact that,
while struggling to fulfil my goals,
I am at risk of reaching my asymptotes.
Although, the whole life is a bet.

I'm Beatrice Prior in front of the bowls.
One cut and one choice - the pebbles or coals? 
But that metaphorical blood is the blood of my heart. 
End of an era, ahead lies a new start.

This decision resembles a one-way track,
Once I'll jump on the train, there's no going back.
But I have to jump on now, there is not later train
I need to decide soon, not having another day.

Take a deep breath and trust the common sense
The results are inconclusive, I am Divergent.
But, no matter how deep I might cave... 
Here I stand. I'm selfish, I'm brave.  

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